cosmetic courses in skincare production

Our online Foundation & Advanced Diploma cosmetic courses in skincare production, cover all aspects of cosmetic formulation and manufacture, teaching you how to make your own clean, natural & organic cosmetic skincare products, suitable for personal use, aromatherapy clients, salon or spa clients, or even if you wish to start a beauty business & create your own skincare brand. By studying online with us, you can learn how to formulate and make a wide range of cosmetic skincare products including cleansers, moisturisers, body creams, lotions, serums and far more, using the finest natural and organic ingredients available to you.

Foundation Diploma in Natural Cosmetic Skincare Formulation

This course is the perfect place to begin learning how to formulate & make clean, natural and organic skincare products with confidence. Suitable for beginners, the course is tailored for those wanting to make products for themselves, their beauty therapy / salon clients, or to start your skincare beauty brand business.

Advanced Diploma in Natural Cosmetic Skincare Formulation

Our Advanced course is for students who are confident in writing skincare formulations, & making natural & organic skincare products. This course is aimed at those wishing to learn how to formulate & produce cosmetic skincare for specific skin types, using more advanced product formulations to create new, & exciting products.

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create a range of skincare for you

Throughout the course, our students are creating a range of skincare; products formulated by them, applying the knowledge and skills learnt from the lessons of the course. Our lessons show example recipes, and the explanation & demonstration of skincare formulation skills combined with the practical aspects of producing clean, natural & organic skincare.

Students are required to create their own products to include in their range, for submission in the final assessments. Formulating and producing real-world examples of products that are used for specific skincare requirements, helps reinforce the knowledge learnt on the course. It also encourages our students to be creative, whilst working within safe and responsible parameters.

Product range building is a key element of the Purodem courses. At the beginning it is integrated throughout the modules of our Foundation Diploma, and this concept continues into the Advanced Diploma, where we look in more depth and specific skincare needs, product types, and taking your product ranges to market. We believe that this approach provides our students with a purpose to develop their portfolio of skills and knowledge, with each lesson unlocking a new level of understanding and inspiration for the practice of making clean, natural and organic skin-wellness.

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We don’t believe you can effectively learn simply by watching a video and filling in a workbook. At Purodem you’ll receive regular contact time with your tutor to check on your progress, and offer help, advice, support and encouragement.


materials & ingredients

We have teamed up with a high quality supplier of raw materials and ingredients that can be purchased once enrolled on one of our courses, so that you don’t need to worry about sourcing ingredients ahead of time. (*Some restrictions may apply.)

social learning

Become a part of our online community with other Purodem students, to share knowledge, experience, recipes and more. All via our own learning platform and iPhone/iPad/Android mobile app, & without reliance on Facebook groups or additional monthly fees.

Learn how to become a skincare formulator

We'll show you the complete process of product design & formulation to allow you to be able to create beautiful skincare products of your own using the finest natural and organic ingredients.

Receive regular tutor & mentor access

We don’t believe you can effectively learn by just watching a video and filling in a workbook. At Purodem you will receive regular contact time with your tutor to check on your progress, and offer help and encouragement.

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Join us, and help grow an exclusive international community of like-minded people from around the world via our own built-in social network. Make connections, and new friends worldwide to enhance your learning experience.

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Study anywhere in the world, at your own pace, using your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone via our own custom-designed social eLearning platform, and mobile apps developed for iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

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