Skincare Courses – (Enrolment for our online courses opens September 2020)

Learn how to make a range of skincare products with our Making Natural Skincare courses

Book onto our making natural skincare courses, to learn the manufacturing processes of skincare production, how ingredients and essential oils are used to aid the skin, whilst learning to make a wide range of cleansing products, body creams & day/night moisturisers.

Each level is assessed before certification. We supply the raw materials, equipment and course notes for your training, with extra recipes for you to try at home.

The courses are designed with the purpose of taking learners on a progressive journey:

Foundation Level

Getting to grips with the basics in four key areas of skincare product preparations, creams, gels, liquid wash, balms.

Intermediate Level

To provide specific deeper learning into preparation of skincare.

Advanced level

This course is designed to bring together the previous levels of learning and further the learners knowledge of range building, business application and marketing.

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