about Purodem

Purodem’s clean, natural and organic skincare formulation courses will teach you everything that you need to know to take you from being an absolute beginner, to a responsible skincare formulator. One that is able to create your own product formulations and recipes with confidence.

We are a fresh & innovative company with practical insight and first-hand experience in the real world of the skincare business. We started Purodem with the aim of teaching the next generation of complimentary and holistic healthcare practitioners, aromatherapists, herbalists, beauty therapists, holistic aestheticians, entrepreneurs, and skincare hobbyists. As a company we have grown quietly over the last few years, providing face-to-face individual and group training to skincare artisans and beauty therapist practitioners, on how to safely formulate their own natural and organic ranges of skincare products that meet the needs of their customers and salon clients, whilst being economically astute and environmentally ethical. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, we (and many others) have adapted our business to deliver our courses online, via our Purodem Academy platform, including our our social community, deliverable via our website and mobile app. 

Many students who I have worked with have gone on to develop their own skincare brands, and have created their own bespoke skincare ranges for therapy clients. Others have been given the confidence to follow their dreams and begin a whole new career path, in some cases after redundancy, or when reassessing their work / life balance.

our ethos

Clean Formulation

Purodem’s ‘Clean & Elevate’ philosophy of skincare formulation & manufacture aims to help students to create a sustainable, nature kind future for the cosmetic skincare industry. We believe that working with consideration and care of nature’s resources is the secret to a successful formulation.

Good cosmetic skincare formulation is the identifying of the specific skincare requirements & creating a product using only the materials sourced from nature that are needed, and no more. The result is a cosmetic skincare preparation being affective in its simplicity.

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