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Yes absolutely! We’d suggest that you start with the Foundation Diploma in Natural Cosmetic Skincare Formulation course, which is particularly suited to beginners who’ve never made skincare products before.

Why not start out by giving our free training course a try: Foundation Diploma: Free Training Masterclass 

We can supply high quality raw ingredients from our dedicated high quality supplier for both the Foundation & Advanced Diploma courses, and will contain the basic raw materials needed to complete your courses. These are exclusively available to Purodem students, and can only purchased via the Purodem Academy members Area once you are enrolled on either the Foundation or Advanced Diploma courses.

We still recommend that you source some products locally available to yourselves, particularly essential oils for your own aroma blends, that you will use to create your own individual formulations as part of your range building coursework. If you choose to buy all of your products locally, upon enrolment you will be given a list of required products and raw materials that you need to buy to complete the course.

Unfortunately we are unable to supply materials for our Free Mini Training courses. 

At the end of each module there is an assessment that you are required to take to check to check your understanding of the topics you have covered so far. There is a minimum pass-mark required to proceed onto the next module; this is to allow our tutors to check on your current progress, and to highlight to us any areas of support that you may benefit from before proceeding.

Upon completion of the course you will be required to submit your range portfolio, as outlined during your course, to be checked as part of your final assessment before grading and issuing your certificate. 

Each lesson is presented as a video, with supporting text documents and workbooks as your lesson resources. We film all our content in 4K & HD quality, with product demonstrations being shown in multiple camera angles so you can see exactly what the tutor is presenting to you.

Many! Cleansers, moisturisers, night creams, balms, serums, scrubs and many more. Our aim is to give you the knowledge to make a complete range of skincare for you, and your customers / clients needs.

We have invested in our own custom designed e-learning platform, to both deliver our courses and allow students to interact all under one website, and mobile app. Without reliance on other social media companies or providers, we can ensure that any data that you provide us with is 100% secure. We do not sell data onto third-parties.

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